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Unique rings handmade, male and female models
Made only of precious metals, gems and other unique materials.
Gold, platinum, palladium, silver, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amber...
Making rings for individual orders of the unique precious alloys, all samples of gold.
Gold rings 585, 750, 777, 888, 999, Platinum rings 950, platinum rings 850, Silver Ring 925.
Modern and classic rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, luxury ring design,
anniversary rings. And of course other unique jewelry from MJ.

The main focus of art-studio MJ is the manufacture of jewelry and luxury items to order in a single copy,
which you can be proud of, admiration and delight our customers.

Exclusive Ring Made of Platinum Gold 777ct & Diamonds by MJ

Luxury White Gold Ring 750-carat, Rubies and Diamonds by MJ

VIP Ring Combination of Gold and Platinum with Brilliants Decor by MJ

Incredible ring is constructed entirely out of fancy black diamond by MJ
Individual orders any precious and semi-precious stones of all shapes and facets.

Scandalous ring on the finger of the two precious metals and stones by MJ

Unique jewelry artwork. Collector ring for the elite.
Only for individual orders. Only handmade. Only the most luxurious materials.

Gold Signet Ring. Rings Stamps, Ring Seal, Ring Cliché by MJ
Signet rings of gold, platinum, palladium, inlaid with precious stones.
Individual orders production signets rings with internal or external plates for embossing and printing.
Any family crests and monograms, corporate logos and logos, insignia and any other symbols.
See also catalog of exclusive stamps, inkans and cliches - www.seal.mj777.com

Luxurious ring of light lemon gold, diamonds and sapphire by MJ
Individual orders any color gold and kinds of precious stones.

MJ Ring Platinum Gold 777 Unique Diamond
Status rings made of white gold and platinum inlaid with diamonds excellent.

Luxury Gift Boxes for Rings by MJ. Boxes of Suede, Exotic Leather, Stone, Wood, Gold & Other Precious Materials.
Individual orders any form of boxes, boxes of any color, any exclusive materials.
Any pack sizes from the smallest to large boxes or nesting dolls just huge presentation boxes.
Personalization is also available - application to the gold box of any name, word, date, wishes, emblem, initials...
Erase the catalog of the various boxes and boxes of exclusive handmade MJ - www.box.mj777.com

Exclusive Ring of White Gold, Diamonds and Pearls - Unique Customize Ring by MJ
Unusual ring with a unique tack pearls, or rather without tack.
The ring is made so that the pearls are not secured while it will not be lost.
Individual orders pearls can be replaced by any precious stones or other materials.
For example, in the center of the ring can be set in the production of some amulet rings, tooth, coin, tablet, etc.


Exclusive ring individually designed with all types of precious and semiprecious stones from MJ
From unique rare gems to classic gems - emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires, diamonds, black diamonds, fancy diamonds (colored diamonds - blue, green, blue, yellow, red, pink, brown), paraiba, sphene (titanite), demantoid, padparadzha, cat's eye (tsimofan), alexandrite, tsavorite, precious opal, imperial, spinel, tanzanite, benitoite, bixbyt, grandidier, axinite, amblygonite, andesite, apophyllite, barite, beryllonite, brazillianit viviani, herderite, blue garnet, Maggiore (purple garnet), blue calcite, danburite, dolomite, dunilit, dumortierite, yeremeev irgiz yohachidoit, cassiterite, quartz with holanditom, kyanite gemstone, kornerulin, lapis lazuli, magnesite, manganotantalit, moldovite, monazite, montebrazit, orthoclase, pargasite, payninte, petalite, piroksmangit, pudretteit, purple, rodist, rhodonite gemstone, rhodochrosite, rutile, sapphirine, Serendib, siderite, sillimanite, scapolite, soldalit, staurolite, sphalerite, taafenit, trifilov, trolleys, ulexite, forsterite, hackmann, scheelite, evkalaz, enden, enstatite, eosphoros, jade, marble, granite, turquoise, malachite, amethyst, beryl, tourmaline, crystal, moonstone, topaz, agate, quartz, aventurine, beryl, tiger's eye, aquamarine, head moor charroit, onyx, garnet, colored sapphires, jasper, aragonite, amber, pearl, pearl, coral, Ammolite, jet.

Luxurious white gold ring with emeralds and diamonds by MJ

Unique Set Amber Earrings & Ring Lux Edition by MJ - www.amber.mj777.com
Individual orders exclusive skit inlay any precious stones, as well as
coral, mother of pearl, jet, damask steel, carbon, wood, leather, bone and other valuable materials.

Exclusive ring made of platinum and gold emblem of Ukraine, Russia, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Japan etc.
Individual orders emblems, logos and emblems of any states and companies

Rings with signs of the zodiac in gold, platinum or diamonds by MJ
Any zodiac sign can be encrusted with diamonds and other gems.

Ring in white and yellow gold with a scorpion inlay - the zodiac sign of precious materials by MJ
Individual orders any signs of the zodiac in gold, platinum, silver, diamonds...
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Exclusive wedding rings in yellow, pink or white gold by MJ
Individual orders any patterns, designs, logos, dates, names and inscriptions on the rings.
See also catalog luxury gift romantic themes - www.wedding.mj777.com

Luxury wedding rings handmade by MJ
Individual orders ring with through slots in the form of any patterns.
VIP wedding rings, gifts and accessories - www.wedding.mj777.com

Gold rings inlaid with platinum, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds etc

Exclusive Wooden Rings - Rings Made of Wood, Gold and Gems by MJ
Exclusive ring made of valuable wood : african black wood, mahogany, fossil wood,
karelian birch, rosewood, ironwood, petrified wood, stable tree, ironwood, pinkwood, iron birch,
wenge, zebrano, amaranth, yar, mahogany, teak, bubinga, ipe, jatoba, oak, emir - agach, bakuat, sucupira,
merbau, azobe, beech, ash, cedar, ebony, balsa, briar, bamboo, cypress, tagua, jet, pinkado...

Exclusive platinum ring as hemp by MJ
Individual orders jewelry ring any sizes and shapes of all precious metals.
Application of any images, hearts, initials, emblems, coats of arms and any other symbols.

Heart-shaped Ring of Platinum and Purple Crystal by MJ
See also catalog VIP gifts and accessories romantic themes - www.wedding.mj777.com

Glamorous wedding rings made of gold and precious stones by MJ
Individual orders any size rings, all kinds precious gems and metals.

Unique and Prestigious Ring with Secret Borgia (Mini Jewelry Box) of Gold, Diamonds and other Gems by MJ
Unique and prestigious ring boxes of gold, diamonds and other precious stones.
The upper part of the ring opens a small button of emerald. Open ring like a small casket.
Inside the casket golden slipper with diamonds. Individual orders can be made inside and fix any thing.
In the ring under the cover of translucent gemstone can accommodate a large diamond, a piece of meteorite tooth amulet...

Luxury rings made using exclusive jewelry techniques - filigree & granulation by MJ
Individual orders filigree rings, filigree, granulation rings, forged rings of gold and platinum.

Elite Ring in White Gold and Black Platinum with Ocean Pearl and Black Sapphires by MJ
Luxury ring in white gold and platinum black with ocean pearls and black sapphires.

Exclusive engagement rings in platinum and gold with diamonds unique individual by MJ
Brilliant facet the customer's needs and can include any number of unique faces.
Individual orders diamond cut into any shape and any number of faces - www.diamonds.mj777.com
Round diamonds, oval diamonds, square diamonds, triangular diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds...
asher, emerald, marquise, cushion, princess, radiant, heart shaped diamonds, etc. Application of modern technologies and modeling
accumulated knowledge about diamond and dynamics of light propagation allows to invent new forms of stunning diamond facets.
It is also possible for the application of any ring engravings - initials, date, symbols, signs, patterns, photo, portraits...
Exclusive engagement rings in platinum and gold with diamonds unique individual by MJ

Luxurious ring combination of white and yellow gold, diamonds with unique tack by MJ
Individual orders Any combination of colors of precious metals and gemstones.

Ring Transformer of Vintage Gold, Black Rhodium and Diamonds by MJ
Ring with flips tip. Individual orders any images on each side.
On each side of the inlay may be different types of precious stone or precious metals.

VIP Ring Made of Gold, Platinum, Exotic Leather, Hot Enamel, Diamonds by MJ
Individual orders insertion of any kinds and colors of exotic skins.
Ring with inserts made from python, cobra, crocodile, stingray, sharks, iguanas, monitor lizard, caiman...
See also catalog of exotic skins and interior - www.skin.mj777.com

Glamorous Ring Consisting of Small Thin Rings and Precious Gems by MJ
Each ring inlaid with precious stones of different colors and species.
Individual orders ring may contain from 5 to 20 rings.
All the rings may be formed as one and of many kinds of precious metals.
Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, diamonds and colored gemstones any other.
Each customer can choose any kinds of colors and precious stones for inlay in the ring.

VIP Ring Made of Platinum Flower Design of White & Coffee Diamonds with Meteorite Stones by MJ

Lux Ring Made of White Gold 18k, Brown Diamonds & Pearl Stingray Leather by MJ

Elegant gold rings inlaid with diamonds of the highest quality by MJ
Individual orders diamond rings of all sizes from small crumbs to multiple auction.
All diamonds in these rings have standard cut, flawless 1 and fantastic purity 1.
International certification GIA diamonds of the highest quality are classified best estimate - Diamond F.

Exclusive white gold ring plated with rhodium. Ring inlaid with diamonds. Collectible rings by MJ

Exclusive wedding rings premium of platinum gold and diamonds with a unique tack.
According to custom, men's and women's model can be made with precious stones as well as without.
Basis rings can be made of white gold, pink gold, red gold, yellow gold or classic.
Fashionable and alternative tack stones allows very nice to decorate the ring, it does not have a strong cast.
This type of ring is popular among people who love expensive things, it does not wish to stand out loudly.
Stones encrusted on one or two side ends of the ring - diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds...
For special stealth and anti-glamor, diamonds encrusted ring on the inside of the ring.
This premium anonym ring, diamonds relate only to the finger and they can be seen only by removing the ring finger.

Wedding ring bearings of gold and diamonds. In this design, the diamonds are not fixed. Exclusively by MJ
Diamonds are moving in the ring as the balls in ball bearings. This exclusive by MJ
See also the directory of fashion and design gifts and accessories romantic themes - www.wedding.mj777.com

Exclusive ring with cameo of stone, bone, porcelain, metal, wood from MJ
Retro image of rings and other jewelry with intaglio or cameo this season is breaking all records of popularity.
Individual orders any image, profile or landscape pattern. Intaglio and cameo with any portrait photograph.
Cameo - a precious or semi-precious stone, or any other exclusive material with relief carving.
Cameo called stone, bone, gold with convex image. Stone -depth image is called intaglio.

Snake Ring - Gold Ring in the Form of a Snake with Encrusted Rubies by MJ
Individual orders rings as a snake of any kind of precious metals and gems.

Collectible and designer handmade ring of gold and rarest precious stones.by MJ
Toy rings made of precious metals and stones. Stylish children's rings in the form of animals.
Teenage ring. Rings for lovers of exclusive and unusual jewelry.

Unique Gold Ring Leopard Edition Handmade Wild Claw Style by MJ
Individual orders and any form of design rings of gold and diamonds.

Luxury gold rings and all kinds of precious stones customized.

Unique Ammolite Ring Handmade Engraving of White Gold

Unique rings with unique precious materials.
Natural colored diamonds and precious metals new types of alloys.

Exclusive ring made of precious metals and stones.
Private orders for rings of gold, platinum, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds...

Platinum ring and light blue aquamarine and diamonds.
Individual orders a variety of types of tacks stones.

Ring as the Bears of gold, brown diamonds, rubies and jet.
Toy rings made of precious metals and stones. Stylish children's rings in the form of animals.

Gold ring in the form of faces with eyes lips and tongue by MJ
Individual orders and any form of design rings of gold and diamonds.

Golden ring with natural amber beads, platinum and diamonds.

Exclusively in the form of a ring snake scales or bumps with inlaid diamonds.

Exclusive forged gold rings. Only handmade & Customize.
Individual orders all forms and types of precious metals.

Big Ring on Two Fingers of Light Beige Gold, White Diamonds and Blue Aquamarine by MJ
Individual orders can be manufactured integral rings 2, 3 and even 4 fingers.
Also exclusive ring ring may be made of any size and in any finger.
Pinky ring, nameless finger, middle finger, index finger and thumb.

Exclusive children's rings. Precious ring with children's themes. Also rings watches and rings with a secret by MJ
The company offers MJ-shaped ring ducks in gold, yellow sapphires topaz, garnets, aquamarine and tanzanite.
Another distinctive feature of the ring is a colored lacquer coating on the inner surface of the article.

Design of a platinum ring 777 carat gold and diamond F class.

Rings of different colors and alloys of precious metals.
Individual orders all possible color jewelry gold, platinum, palladium, silver...

Exclusive design rings. Any form and style rings for individual orders.
Only handmade, precious metals and gems.

Exclusive ring made of gold and platinum with the emblem of Ukraine
Individual orders any ring Seals and


Customize Rings Limited Edition
Custom ring for a specific person can acquire the character, ambition, exquisite taste, status, achievement of its owner.
Only handmade and only precious metals and precious stones cut personal.


Exclusive Rings Single Copy - Customize Edition by MJ
Art Studio MJ makes rings to order a single copy.
The main feature of the ring on order from MJ - this delightful design, the finest materials,
the work of the most painstaking and diligent craftsmen over a single ring made to order for you.

Gold Ring in a Spiderweb Design
Gold ring in a spiderweb. Individual orders in the same style, rings, earrings, necklaces...
Any kind of precious metals - gold, platinum, palladium...

Rings with unique inlaid stone in stone.
In gold ring inlaid amber amber encrusted with diamonds and sapphires.
Individual orders any combination of precious metals and stones.

Designer rings of gold, platinum, sapphires, emeralds and rubies.
Any combination of all types of precious metals and stones.

Rings, earrings and other jewelry VIP for individual orders.
Handmade and all kinds of precious metals and gemstones.

Ring Made of Gems Handmade Cut by MJ
Individual orders any size and design of the rings.

Ring of natural gems. Only individual orders and handmade.

Ring Skull Gold and Platinum with Black Diamond Inlay by MJ

Ring Made of Gold 999 & 750 with Quad Diamond Princess Design 2016

Exclusive Ring Made of Gold 750 with Black Engraving, Inlay Diamonds & Unique Alexandrite

Exclusive tanzanite rings and unique technology in stone inlay.

Ring in platinum and diamonds, with the substrate for the main diamond gold.

Handcrafted Ring Made of Black Palladium and Glossy Bronze Gold with Diamonds by MJ

Rare Rings of metal meteorites, stony meteorites, moldavite and other materials of extraterrestrial origin.
Individual orders can be combined with other exclusive materials, inserts into the rings of Damascus steel,
Damascus steel, Mokume gane, lava, Venetian glass, porcelain, rubber, petrified wood, mammoth tusk, belemnites...

Ring with individual inscriptions ring personalized handwriting customer by MJ
Personalization as possible outside of the ring and the inner "hidden" side of the ring.
It is believed that the hidden side of the ring symbolizes the intimate, hidden from prying eyes side relationship and eternal love.

Extreme Design Ring of Vintage Platinum by MJ
Extreme ring design in the form of a head of raven vintage platinum
Individual orders absolute ring shapes and sizes.

Soft rings of gold and platinum. The rings in the form of a chain. Ring as a bracelet. Customize by MJ
Soft rings of gold and platinum. The rings in the form of a chain. Ring as a bracelet.
Individual orders ring with links all shapes, designs and sizes.
On the ring can be applied to any manual or laser engraving.

Lux Ring Made of Gold and Gems - Design Series 1900
Bridal ring high-tech design of gold and precious stones.

Triple ring in platinum and diamonds. A ring consisting of three intertwined rings, but not rigidly.
Rings can move suddenly they are threaded one but each other disunite course can not.
Individual orders any number of rings, each of which can be inlaid with diamonds.
Each ring may be made of different types of precious metals and gems.

Pink Gold Ring with Black Pearl and Uncolored Diamonds by MJ
The ring is made in the form of hands that hold the pearls on the palms and on the right wrist bracelet.

Platinum Ring. Any Size. Any Design, Individual Order by MJ
Platinum rings all shapes, designs and sizes.
Individual orders rings of platinum, palladium and gold from MJ.

Unique Ring with Gems Inlay Circle Edition by MJ
Individual orders inlay any kinds of precious stones.
Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, Paraiba, imperials, padparadzha, grenades, alexandrite...

Exclusive Ring of Red Gold, White Diamonds and White Pearls - Unique Customize Ring by MJ
Pearl is in a cage of gold, This design allows the pearl dangle in the ring but does not fly.

The classic design of the ring, European gold 750-carat, center blue sapphire and diamonds around.

Emerald Ring VIP Edition by MJ Single Copy for Individual Order
Emerald Ring. Huge Emerald fully faceted shape of a ring.
Very expensive rings made entirely from whole precious minerals.


Mix  Color Precious Metals Ring with Fancy Diamonds by MJ Customize
Ring consists of five layers of different types of precious metals - red gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum and palladium. Also possible to use even more layers of different types of alloys and different samples 585, 750, 777, 888, 950, 999... Black gold, white gold, silver, bronze, rhodium, osmium, iridium, platinum gold, purple gold, blue, gold, green gold, olive gold, brown gold... The location of the metal layers can also vary according to the customer - along, across, diagonally, in the slice Mokume gane... Ladies ring inlaid unique natural colored diamonds or gems. Silver Ring without stones. See also catalog of exclusive products romantic themes - www.wedding.mj777.com

Ring of palladium, platinum, purple, blue and white diamonds.
Rings with pendants - exclusive tie- stones.

Mirror Ring Shifter Made of Gold, Onyx and Diamonds

Millennium ring exclusive design, some stones are fixed on the ring in the form of suspensions.

Ring of Pink Cold Gold Vintage Style by MJ

Ring Meteorite Jewelry Edition by MJ
See also articles about meteorites and meteorite listing - www.meteorite.mj777.com

Meteorite Ring and Precious Metals & Gems. Unique ring of unique materials.

Flamboyant Wedding Rings of Gold and Diamonds. Glamorous and Causing Ring by MJ
Men's ring model without diamonds. Women's model can be inlaid with any kinds of precious stones.
These rings can be made of gold and any color for socks only on special occasions.
And for daily wear rings may be made in a simplified form reduced.

Gold braided rings. Gold rings can be linked in any knot or bow by MJ
Individual orders any shape and colors of precious metals.

Unique Ring with a Unique Red Diamonds by MJ
Also ring inlaid classic white diamonds and yellow gold.

Pearl ring handmade. Unique natural pearls of all colors.
White pearl, pink pearl, blue pearl, blue pearl, green pearl, gold pearl,
pearl gray, milky pearls, pearl silvery, iridescent pearl, turquoise pearl...
Any types, sizes and colors of pearls for individual orders from MJ

Exclusive ring with blue and blue gems.

Exclusive rings awarded diplomas and higher ratings on jewelry international exhibitions
Gold rings with diamonds and semiprecious stones from exclusive collections
repeatedly receiving diplomas and top marks on jewelry international exhibitions.


Exclusive rings with precious stones yellow, lemon, gold, bronze, orange, amber and similar colors by MJ
Can be combined with classic diamonds and any other precious stones. Platinum and gold ring with yellow and orange natural stones - colored yellow diamonds, amber, diamonds, red diamonds, orange yohachidolit, fire agate, gelliodory, gessonity, pyrites, yellow sapphires, yellow eden selenites yellow scheelite yellow sillimanite, yellow- brown sinhala yellow orthoclase ambligonity yellow, yellow pargasite tan enstatites, Simbirtsit, tiger's eye, amber, citrine, yellow topaz, golden beryl, orange gessonity, siderite orange, coral, orange sapphires, orange sardonyx, sphalerites orange, orange carnelian orange eosfority, fancy orange diamonds etc.


Luxury ring inlaid with precious stones of various brown, dark red colors by MJ
Can be combined with white diamonds and precious stones of different colors.
Individual orders platinum and gold rings VIP with precious and semiprecious stones brown, coffee, caramel, chocolate, dark allykh, and similar colors - brown diamonds, dark beige diamonds, bulls eye, dravite, flint, labrodor, brown monazite, brown paynite brown staurolite, red paynite, tan petalite, raukhkvarts smoky quartz, simbirtsev, tiger's eye, korneol, cinnabar, pyrope, spinel...

Emerald rings as well as with other kinds of rings green gemstones.
alexandrite green, green trifilovite (these stone changes its color under different lighting conditions)
green beryl (this gem is transparent), braziliant green, green chrysoprase, green carnelian, green jade,
green turquoise, malachite green (it is a stone with white stripes), light green kornerulin,
korenrulin green cat's eye, green vivianite, green moldavite, dunilit green, green Herder


Exclusive Rings Made of Emeralds & Other Species Green Gems by MJ
Individual orders can be a combination of stones of different colors and different kinds of precious metals.

Luxury Rings Handcrafted Made of Gold, Platinum, Diamonds & Other Gems by MJ


Natural Pearl Rings by MJ. Elite Rings Made of Pearl, Gold, Platinum & Palladium by MJ
Ring with white, black, gold, gray, brown and other colorings pearls
Individual orders can be a combination of pearls with various kinds of precious stones and metals,

Jewelry Color Golden Rings Made of Pink Gold, Red Gold, Yellow Gold, Caramel Gold, Beige Gold etc.
Jewelry rings of pink, red, yellow, caramel, beige, white and other colors of gold jewelry.
Individual orders any form rings inlaid with any kinds of precious stones.
Ring encrusted with soft pink, transparent pink, matte pink and any kind of pink gems.
A combination of pink gems with precious stones of any other colors.


Exclusive Ring Made of Platinum, Palladium, Silver, White Gold with Diamond Inlay
Exclusive ring made of platinum, palladium, silver, white gold and diamonds of any characteristics.
From simple mass of diamonds with characteristics 3/3 or 6/6 to crystal clear rare 1/1.
Diamonds facet individual orders and can contain any number of faces.

Luxury ring with white, gray, fancy black, transparent black, milky and colorless gems by MJ
Ring Inlaid Rare Colorless Stones - Diamond, Colorless Magnesite, Dolomite Colorless,
Black Diamonds Transparent, Colorless Montebrazit, Rodist Colorless, Colorless Ulexite, Colorless Forsterite...

Exclusive ring with dark blue and light blue, pink and turquoise gems by MJ
Blue Diamond, Blue Diamond, Blue Garnet, Blue Calcite, Aquamarine, Apatite, Turquoise, Iolite, Moonstone,
Blue Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Blue Kyanite Gemstone, Blue Sodalite, Lapis Blue, Blue Tanzanite, Topaz, Tourmaline,
Svetlo0goluboy evklaz, trolleys Blue, Black and Blue Sapphirine, Chalcedony, Zircon, Spinel, Blue Afghani, Blue Purple...

Copyright ring with violet, purple, mauve, lilac and pink gems.
Pink Diamond, Purple Diamond, Pink Quartz, Pink Kunz, Pink Garnet Pink Sapphire
Pink Tourmaline, Pink Spinel, Pink Eremeevo, Pink Pearl, Pink Topaz, Pink Coral,
Pink Opal, Pink Jade, Rubellite Pink, Musgravit, Pink Morganite, Pink Piroksmangit,
Pudretteit Pink, Pink Rhodonite Pink Rhodochrosite, Amethyst Purple, Purple Garnet,
Purple Jade, Purple Pearl, Purple Jade, Purple Sapphire, Tanzanite Purple,
Purple Tourmaline, Purple Chalcedony, Purple Spinel Lilac Taafeit Lilac Hackmann...


Exclusive ring with red, scarlet, brown, cognac and caramel gems by MJ
Brilliant red, cognac diamonds, cassiterite Brandy, Brown Diamond, Ruby Red, Red Garnet, Red Sapphire, Enstatite Red, Red Tourmaline, Red Spinel, Danburite Brandy, Brown Dumortierite, Red Pearl, Red Coral, Red Beryl Emerald Red Bixby Red jasper, Red Zircon, Brown Axinite, Andesine Red Manganotantalit Red Rhodonite Gemstone. A combination with any other dredges. stones and metals.


Glamor Ring in the form of Flowers of Various Precious Metals by MJ

Elite Ring Made of Gold, Platinum and Gems - Design 2020

Unique ring of platinum gold with large midnight blue diamond and small sky blue diamonds.

Luxury Ring Made of Gold, Platinum and Gems - Design 1591

Exclusive Ring Made of Gold, Platinum and Gems - Design 2473


Designer ring with amber and diamonds in gold, platinum, palladium.


Designer wedding rings. Luxury wedding rings. Luxury wedding rings. Exclusive wedding rings.
Buy engagement rings are available in any jewelry salon, but to create wedding rings of a real temple for two loving hearts - subject only to the author's jewelry design studio MJ. Rings made of precious metals and stones.


Elite ring inlaid green precious stones.


Unique rings jewelry premium by MJ


Luxury gold rings of different carat weight and different colors of gold by MJ
Gold rings of different shades of yellow, green, orange, red, blue, pink, white, gray...
Ring in yellow gold, red gold rings, white gold rings, rose gold rings,
ring of orange gold, brown gold rings, rings of lemon gold, white gold rings,
blue ring of gold, green gold rings, gold rings of purple, black gold rings...
Gold various classical ring samples 585, 750, 999 and the unique samples 666, 777, 888, of 14 to 24 carats.
Individual orders may run rings any individual sample with a unique gold color.

Ring runtime by using various technologies jewelry - granulation, filigree, filigree, initori, gilding, cupition ...
Individual orders of any kind of rings of precious metals and stones.


Luxury gold rings with various blue gems by MJ
Luxury gold rings with various stones of blue and blue. Individual orders all kinds of precious stones blue or blue. From natural gems to rare precious minerals blue and dark blue colors. Aquamarine Blue, Turquoise Blue, Blue Dumortierite, Blue Topaz, Blue indicolite, evklaz Blue, Blue Spinel, Celestine Blue, Blue Azurite, Lapis Blue, Sapphire Blue, Blue indicolite Blue Tanzanite Blue Soladit, Ieremievit, Blue Topaz, Blue Garnet, benitoite, Tanzanite, Grandidier and other minerals blue and dark blue with a personalized cut.


Exclusive platinum and gold rings with various green stones by MJ
Exclusive platinum and gold rings with various green stones. From classic gems to the most rare and unique gemstones green. Green Aventurine, Green Aquamarine, Green Alexandrite, Amazonite Green, Green Beryl Green Turquoise, Green Verdelite, Green Heliotrope, Giddenit Green, Green Green Grandidier Grossularite, Demantoid Green, Green Dips, Green chrome diopside, Green Jade, Emerald Green, Green conichalcite, green Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl green, Green Moldavite, Malachite green, Green Jade, green Praz, Riesling Beryl green, Green Sapphire, Green Serafini, Green Serpentine Serpentine green, Green, Topaz, green Tourmaline, Green Uvarovite, Peridot green, Green Chrysoprase, evklaz green, green epidote, green jasper and other unique precious and semiprecious stones and green.

Exclusive rings of gold, platinum and small brilliants by MJ
Individual orders any design rings and diamonds of all sizes.

Luxury ring the most unusual shapes and designs for individual designs by MJ
Only precious metals and precious stones - platinum, gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds...

Golden Ring Herb Russian Federation by MJ
Individual orders emblems or logos of any states or companies.
Any kinds of gemstones and precious metals. Only handmade.
Basis under the arms may as gold and precious materials of any.
Substrate made of ebony, jet, coral, obsidian, hot enamel, pearl,
ammolite, hawkeye, carbon, damascus steel, mammoth ivory, ivory, etc.

Platinum Ring With Sign US Dollar by MJ
The upper part of the ring area with a dollar sign can be reversed.
And on the reverse side can be placed any other sign or inlaid with precious stones.

Rose gold ring for sealing wax - sealing, premises, parcel, letters, etc.
Making any cliches on the rings of white, red or yellow gold classic.
Individual orders any emblems, signs, symbols, dates, names of firms, companies, offices...

Luxury gold ring with monograms, initials, names, ids, emblems, acronyms, logos by MJ
Any images on rings and rings for embossing and printing. Image may be internal or external depending on the wishes.
Signet any sample of gold, palladium or platinum - 585, 750, 777, 850, 888, 950, 999 carats.
Also, the ring may contain any additional inlay and protection against copies.

Platinum and gold wedding rings with hot enamel by MJ
Also possible insertions of black and mahogany.
See also catalog www.wedding.mj777.com

Luxury Diamond Ring by MJ Handcrafted Customize
To produce diamond rings are used only with excellent characteristics F class.

Exclusive Rings "Twist" of gold and platinum. Elegant rings with unique contact tack diamond by MJ.
Two rings with unique contact tack diamond. It seems that the diamond ring literally soars and practical does not hold,
Individual orders can inlay all kinds of precious stones. Also available tack raw diamond - diamond and other non- polished gold. stones.

Exclusive ring gems with cabochon cut - oval, circle, shuttle, table, antique, drop, heart etc.
Custom tailored to any ring can be inlaid with precious stones cut cabochon.
Diamond cabochon, emerald cabochon, cabochon star sapphire, star ruby cabochon cat's-eye cabochon,
moonstone cabochon, precious opal cabochon, turquoise cabochon, arrows of Cupid, Venus hair cabochon...

Rarest and very beautiful ring in white gold, palladium black and pink kunzite and purple musgravite by MJ
Individual orders any combination of precious metals and stones in rings handmade.

Ring decorated with hot enamel and emeralds & other gems. Customize ring any colors and patterns lacquer jewelry.
Individual orders all kinds of precious stones, and any colors and patterns lacquer jewelry.
Copyright gold ring, decorated with enamel and inlaid with emeralds, demantoid, tsavorite.etc.

Luxury gold ring, blue diamonds and pearls, white, black and blue colors by MJ

Gold ring with hearts of platinum and diamonds by MJ
Jewelry rings for individual orders.

Gold ring with rubies and ceramic inserts, white and black lacquer glass jewelry by MJ
Individual orders inserts can be a variety of the most precious and exclusive materials.
Insert into rings of porcelain, wood, hot enamel, semi-precious stones, bones, skin, silicone, rubber, etc.

Jewelry ring in the form turtles, made of wood, white gold and the rare orange sapphire.
Any design and shape rings handmade customized by MJ

Luxury Collections of prehistoric petrified wood fossil inlaid in gold ring.
According to custom cameo of wood, stone, gold, platinum, bones and any other materials.
Cameo on rings, pendants, earrings and any other jewelry from MJ


Platinum and gold rings with a variety of tack and cutting diamonds and other gems by MJ
Unique tack and cut gemstones, carried out in close collaboration with our designers, elevated to the rank of true art. After determining the number and position of stones, specialists in metal tacks cut grooves in which are then placed with the greatest accuracy, one by one carefully selected stones. Depending on the design model is selected form the tack ring - krapane, corner, blind or invisible, descending or rail - and matched to each other stones of various types of cut : round, baguette, pear, riotsk, eighters, golko or individual cut any form. Accuracy and meticulousness tie and polishing quality product give extraordinary expressiveness and completeness. At the end of hard work and cutter inlay each stone is individually tested.

Luxurious set of platinum rings and earrings with diamonds by MJ
Individual orders to individual production jewelry sets.
See also catalog copyright handmade earrings - www.earrings.mj777.com
Exclusive sets of rings, earrings and other jewelry - www.jewelry.mj777.com

Exotic Rings of Gold and Platinum inlaid with Exotic Species Skin
Individual orders and any form of rings with inlaid design of any kinds and colors of skin.
The central part of the ring decorated with ribbon genuine leather - polished stingray, Siamese crocodile
Australian porosus, the African elephant, the king cobra, Colombian caiman, American alligator,
conger eel, white shark, Indian gavial, the Komodo dragon and other exotic leathers.
Also, the ring can be made entirely from the skin surface with inlaid gold or diamonds,
Catalog luxurious leather and fur collected from around the world in a single collection - www.skin.mj777.com
Only Genuine Exotic Leather & Handcrafted by MJ

Luxury rings bracelets vintage platinum and sterling silver by MJ
Individual orders any model and design rings aged precious metals.

Platinum ring with inset ivory and other unique fossils and lux materials by MJ
Individual orders any rings of gold, silver or platinum with unique accents.
Insert into rings of ivory, petrified wood, dinosaur bones and other unique fossils.

Blackwood Ring made of Ebony, Black Matte Gold, Crimson Diamonds and Other Gems by MJ

Luxury White King Amber Ring by MJ
Unique ring and accessories made of natural amber - www.amber.mj777.com


White gold ring with amber and prehistoric insects - unique fossils by MJ
Amber interspersed with remnants of prehistoric plants and insects - Inclusion - especially appreciated. Inclusions of foreign bodies in amber increase its value. The more unique inclusions in amber, the higher its value and. Price amber gemstone, with very rare inclusions can cost considerably more than many classic gems. Individual orders made any rings or other jewelry inlaid with unique amber inclusions.

Platinum Crown Ring Vintage Design with Diamonds by MJ


Gold ring with a name or date dating or thematic signs and symbols made of black and white diamonds by MJ
Emblazoned on his arm a gold ring, which is engraved beautiful print your name ! Would not dream of all women in love. So be it, if you do take care of this. Suggest to your future spouse is an option of wedding rings, I think that it may surprise and please. A general description can do any, it may be some significant date for you, such as day, month and year of your acquaintance. Here it is urgent that you closer.
Unique accessories and premium gifts and romantic wedding theme - www.wedding.mj777.com

Exclusive ring made ??of gold and precious stones. Ring with cabochon custom tack by MJ
Unique tie- rings in the form of a frog is sitting on the rocks.
Individual orders to use any kinds of precious stones :
Natural fancy diamonds, rubies, emeralds, opals, alexandrite...

Exclusive ring made of ivory, diamonds and gold.

Platinum Ring with Diamonds by MJ

Golden Ring With Diamonds

Handmade Ring Customize Edition Made of Platinum Gold, Black and White Diamonds

Ring made of grey platinum, gold and diamonds by MJ

Gold and platinum diamond rings and chain by MJ
Chain is soldered to the ring, it movable but not removable.
Ring can be with or without diamonds. Chain can be any kind of weaving.

Rings with Animal Eyes. Ring Mascots. Ring Charms. Steampunk Ring by MJ
Also rings with natural stones cat's-eye and tiger eye.

Exclusive ring made ??of gold and platinum in the shape of skulls, skeletons, canines by MJ
Individual orders all forms and sizes of rings of precious metals and stones.


Exclusive Customize Ring by MJ Handcrafted Edition
Each jewelry ring custom art-studio MJ, made in a single copy reflects the thoughts, ideas, character, image and desire, which are made for jewelry ring. According to custom rings of gold, platinum, palladium, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other precious materials.

Luxury gold rings with inlays of genuine exotic leather by MJ
Rings with leather inserts conger eel, sturgeon, capybaras, deer, crocodile, fish, toads, frogs,
alligator, caiman, iguanas, monitor lizard, stingray, ostrich legs, foot turkey foot peacock, python,
cobra, anaconda, sea snakes, karung, viper, boa, rattlesnake, bison, buffalo, shark, beaver tail,
elephant, hippo, rhino, bakers, stomach buffalo, turtle, camel, kangaroo...


Modern and stylish ring. The upper portion of the rings is formed as a gold ingot and the inner part in the form of free gold.
Individual orders applying individual brands with the name, date, probe wish, drawing and any other symbols. Wedding ring - a symbol that you don it with an oath of love and fidelity. But only you can decide in what ring you will believe. It is quite understandable desire of many to have a non-traditional bridal rings such that only they possess. See also additional accessories and gifts for weddings - www.wedding.mj777.com

Golden Ring of alternative design. The ring in the form of a gold grid.

Unreal rings in a unique style of liquid gold. Ring gold in the form of droplets.
Individual orders any original form of solidified molten gold.

Ring in the form of a snake with two heads in antique vintage gold 750-carat.
Fashions in jewelry fashion - Vintage Gold ( aged gold )
Individual orders with gold rings in glossy and matte versions.

The ring with spikes on the outside and with the fingerprint on the inner side of the ring.
Ring of individual design clients. Into reality, any customer.
Only handmade and only precious metals and precious stones.

Amazing beauty rings of gold with black and white diamonds by MJ

Elegant and light ring of gold. Baby rings of precious metals by MJ
Individual orders for children, adolescents and youth rings of gold or platinum.
Available inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones.


Wedding rings with an individual application of prayers or religious symbols by MJ
Wedding rings are not connected with rings for engagement or wedding in a registry office. They differ in their appearance, and in its symbolic value. According to church tradition of the bride shall be silver wedding ring, and the groom wedding ring of gold. Such a distribution is not accidental : gold - a symbol of Divine Glory of Christ and the Heavenly Jerusalem, silver - a symbol of grace, light and purity. Another interpretation says that gold represents leadership and courage, solar energy, and silver - femininity, tenderness and energy of the moon. During the wedding ceremony the young three times exchange rings, resulting in a silver ring is the groom and the bride gets gold as a pledge of fidelity. Traditionally wedding rings were extremely simple, without stones, patterns. The only thing that graced the ring - carved the words of prayer on their inner side. In these words was invested special meaning. They were supposed to protect marriage from evil spirits, illness and misfortune.


Looking at the wedding ring on the order you have not already become a treat it as an integral part of the wedding attribute. This engagement ring will stay with you for years to come. According to custom made rings personalization. On the inner or outer side of the applied initials or monogram, date or birthday celebration, or a wish farewell... www.wedding.mj777.com

Classic gold rings with diamonds of all sizes for individual orders. VIP Edition by MJ
De Beers diamonds from the smallest to the giant names. Any certified diamonds from De Beers.

Luxurious fox-shaped ring of gold and red colored diamonds by MJ


Unique wedding rings with fingerprints for individual orders by MJ
Your wedding rings may be the only ones in the world ! It rings with your fingerprints, they are as unique as your fingerprints themselves. You can take a direct part in making your main decoration. With the help of new technologies drawing fingerprint accuracy is transferred to the outer or inner side of the ring. And after the wedding, your favorite piece halves will always be with you. Only precious metals and handmade from Art Studio MJ.
We also recommend you to view the site with exclusive accessories romantic themes - www.wedding.mj777.com


Fantastic Ring Unique Colors Diamonds Fancy Colors by MJ
Natural colored diamonds are among the rarest of resources on our planet. Fancy colored diamonds century belonged to prominent members of society, as a symbol of status and power. In addition to determining the color of the diamond also determine its intensity. In the system of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) there are 9 gradations of color intensity of the diamond : Negligible (Faint), very weak (Very Light), weak (Light), Low - Fancy (Fancy Light), Fancy (Fancy), dark fantasy (Fancy Dark), Intense fantasy (Fancy Intense), Vivid - fantasy (Fancy Deep), Bright fantasy (Fancy Vivid), custom tailored for your VIP clients possible selection of diamonds of all colors and shades, creating a unique ring with smooth colors colored diamonds.

Exclusive platinum ring with inserts of mother of pearl, blue sapphire and DNA diamond personalized.
Ring made by exclusive technology inlays of precious stones, platinum and other gems.
And it's right in the plane cut sapphire inlaid patterns of platinum or gold, and diamonds.
The central diamond is made specifically for the client DNA elements. Ring is unique.


Gold and platinum wedding rings unique design. In the cut ring has a heart shape with inlay diamonds by MJ
Gold and platinum wedding rings unique design. In the cut ring has a heart shape inlaid with diamonds. This design gives the impression that the ring is broken or cut up and its interior consists of diamonds or other gems. Do you still think that the engagement ring - a modest strip of metal without any decorative elements ? Such decorations are in the past ! Here you have the opportunity to buy exclusive ( handmade ) pair of wedding rings on order any design. us you will forget about trivial engagement rings, you can decorate your finger halves original and exclusive ring ! Browse our catalog and you 'll find a version of their liking. And if you want to make a product on its own designs, our designers, craftsmen, designers and jewelers will gladly assist you. Individually and exclusively only in the Art Studio MJ.

Exclusive Ring with any Gems Completely Spherical Cut by MJ
Unique amethysts, rubies, emeralds, colorless and fancy diamonds with perfectly round pearl cut.
Any diamond or other gem for individual orders in the form facet ideal sphere or other shape.
Rings of platinum and gold in different colors in combination with any precious stones.


Wedding ring slit. Rings with looping patterns. Rings of red, yellow and white gold by MJ
Exclusive wedding rings, which are in the directory - it is only a small piece of jewelry rings and jewelry. If you would like wedding rings likes of which you have not seen in catalogs jewelry companies, the art studio MJ will help you create a masterpiece of jewelry in a single copy on the individual order of the most luxurious materials..

Ring of 22-carat gold and diamonds by MJ
Individual orders any rings most unimaginable design.

Exclusive Ring with Heart. Pink Diamonds Inlay. Fashion Ring Style Romantic Edition


Exclusive rings and other ornaments handmade by craftsmen and jewelers MJ.
Since its inception, Art Studio MJ constantly reinvents established canons of elegance.
Like magic extravaganza workshops Art Studio MJ day-to- day miracle is born :
precious materials transform into marvelous rings and unique jewelry.

Rings of gold, and hot cloisonne enamel by MJ

Exclusive gold ring with rarest red diamonds by MJ

Luxury ring in white gold and cold natural colored diamonds.


Jewelry Exclusive Customize Rings by MJ
Only in the jewelry house Art Studio MJ you can purchase a truly unique design ring to order. Our craftsmen have extensive experience working with the best jewelers in France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Israel, Austria, Norway, United States, Australia, Japan and Switzerland. They enrich the elite wedding rings custom made in the best traditions of classical or modern. Large selection of unique patented materials and products made using different manufacturing techniques - with filigree and granulation, with hot and cold enamel, molding and stamping, casting and 3D modeling, painting and airbrushing, laser engraving and embossing, unusual patterns and shapes with precious stones of different shapes and sizes.

New modern design rings for individual orders by MJ
New models of rings from top designers and jewelers all over the world.
Only the new kinds of precious metal alloys and new types of dredges. minerals
Unique stones only recently discovered and isolated in separate classes.
Innovative alloys of gold and platinum 777 th and 888- th carats.


Luxury handmade ring with green gemstones by MJ
Ring with emeralds, green demantoid, green diamonds, varistsitami, green beryl, jade, malachite, chrysolite, dioptase green, green jadeite, olivine, serpentine green, greenish spodumene, fluorite, chrysoprase, green garnet, green sapphire, chrome diopside, green tsavorite, green epidote, uvarovite, serfanitom green, green serpentine, chrysoberyl, chrysolite green, greenish aquamarine, green diopside, grossular green, green verdelitom, green, turquoise, green amazonite, green alexandrite, green aventurine, green prase, konihaltsitom green, neon paraiba, green tourmaline and other rare gems.


Selection of species and colors of stones according to the sign, name, eye color or personal wishes.
Make a ring designed by you! We will create an exclusive product that will only take you. You can order a kit to existing decorations, which have long dreamed of, or create something entirely new. Selection of species and colors of stones according to the sign, name, eye color or personal wishes.


Gold ring of 14 carat, 18 carat, 19 carat, 20 carat, 22 carat or 24 carat pure gold ring by MJ
Chance decor various gemstones and rare precious stones.


Exclusive ring sterling silver 925 with rhodium plated, iridium, osmium, platinum ...


Exclusive MJ Rings of Gold or Platinum with Diamonds on Any Characteristics of Clients Choice.
Individual orders of any quality diamonds and color from 1-1 to 9-12. International Classification of F (Flawless - spotlessly clean ), IF (Internally Flawless), VVS1 VVS2 (Very, Very Small Inclusions), VS1 VS2 (Very Small Inclusions), SI1 SI2 (Small Inclusion - small inclusions ), I1 I2 I3 (Imperfect - there are obvious inclusions). Rings and other products are MJ Certificate Edition, Gems documents, samples and extracts from the Assay Office, international certifications for system classifications GIA... And also any other kinds of precious stones.


Exclusive rings, and pink, pink, purple, crimson and purple gems by MJ
Pink Quartz. Pink Kunz. Pink Pomegranate. Pink Sapphire. Pink Tourmaline. Pink Spinel. Pink Topaz. Pink Coral. Pink Opal. Pink Ametrine. Pink Jade. Pink Rubellite. Pink Morganite. Pink Ruby, Pink Brililant. Purple Diamond Purple Amethyst. Purple Garnet. Purple Jade. Purple Pearl. Purple. Nephritis. Purple Sapphire. Musgravit. Fluorite. Purple Tanzanite. Purple Tourmaline. Purple Chalcedony. Purple Spinel. Purple Sapphire. Purple Diamond. Brilliant purple, burgundy Spinel. Cassiterite, maroon bullseye. Staurolite, Burgundy Pearl. Bordoaya Jasper. Brilliant burgundy. Seat burgundy. Sapphire Lilac Lilac Jadeite. Lilac Jasper. Lilac Diamond. Lilac Charoit. Lilac Tanzanite. Lilac Kunz. Lilac Amethyst and other gems such unique colors and shades.


Exclusive rings
with gems - yellow, lemon, caramel, red, orange, gold colors.


Luxury ring inlaid with various gems - design by MJ


Exclusive handmade ring of pink, magenta, yellow colors for individual designs by MJ
If on holiday you notice that someone has exactly the same decoration as you - it's not very nice, right ? Joylessly realize that someone has the same earrings or bracelet - immediately becomes uncomfortable and spoil the mood. Or, maybe you just want to please a loved one is really personal, original gift. In this case, custom jewelry, which can produce professional jewelers art studio MJ - the ideal solution. Only handmade and unique design.


Exclusive Handmade Jewelry Ring Made of Precious Metals and Black Gems by MJ
Transparent Black Diamond, Opaque Black Diamond, Black Rutile, Black Serendib, Sapphire
Black Opal, Black Onyx, Black Jade, Black Tourmaline, Black Spinel, Black Pearl...
Individual orders can be combined with other kinds of precious stones.


Unique wedding rings, family rings, collectible rings, customized rings by MJ
Two loving hearts for the most important joint decision will be the choice of wedding rings. Author's jewelry design studio will produce wedding rings to order a single copy emphasizing individuality and family tradition. In wedding rings made to order, you can put a piece of his soul. Wedding rings made -to-order will be your family heirloom. Imagine you are the owner of exclusive wedding rings custom made just for you - maybe someday they will pass from generation to generation. Our customers become participants in the creation of future custodians of strong family ties - exclusive wedding rings. Only individual design and handmade.


Custom rings made of white gold and platinum with diamonds by MJ
Individual order or signet ring - the leader among all other orders. It is always appropriate, restrained and elegant, regardless of the situation, place and environment. On the one hand, a gold ring will attract attention, on the other - will not make you vulgar. And most importantly, it will fit your needs, your style, this personalized ring will each fit your mood and image. Only handmade and precious materials.


Production of customized rings of any precious and semiprecious stones by MJ


Unique rings of various precious metals and precious stones.


Premium ring handmade by individual orders from MJ


VIP ring handmade by individual orders from MJ


Unique rings and rings of creative design with precious and semiprecious stones from MJ
Rings with unique rare gems and classic gems - emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires, diamonds, black diamonds, fancy diamonds ( colored diamonds ), Paraiba, sphene ( titanite ), demantoid, padparadzha, cat's eye ( tsimofan ), alexandrite, tsavorite, precious opal, imperial, spinel, tanzanite, benitoite, Bixby, Grandidier, axinite, amblygonite, andesite, apophyllite, barite, Beryllonite, brazillianit Viviani, herderite, blue garnet, Maggiore ( purple garnet), blue calcite, danburite, dolomite, dunilit, Dumortierite, Yeremeev Irgiz yohachidoit, cassiterite, quartz with holanditom, kyanite gemstone, kornerulin, lapis lazuli, magnesite, manganotantalit, Moldova, monazite, montebrazit, orthoclase, pargasite, Payne, petalite, piroksmangit, pudretteit, purple, rodist, rhodonite gemstone, rhodochrosite, rutile, sapphirine, Serendib, siderite, sillimanite, scapolite, soldalit, staurolite, sphalerite, taafenit, Trifilov, trolleys, ulexite, forsterite, Hackmann, scheelite, evkalaz, Enden, enstatite, Eosphoros, jade, marble, granite, turquoise, malachite, amethyst, beryl, tourmaline, crystal, moonstone, topaz, agate, quartz, aventurine, beryl, tiger's eye, aquamarine, head Moor charroit, onyx, garnet, colored sapphires, jasper, aragonite, amber, pearls, mother of pearl, coral, Ammolite, jet,


Elite rings handmade by individual orders by MJ

The perfect engagement ring. VIP ring for a marriage proposal. Handcrafted by MJ
Ring of gold and diamonds with a rare red diamond in the shape of heart.
Individual orders any gems in the form of heart.
See also catalog luxury gifts and romantic wedding themes - www.wedding.mj777.com

Ring of 23-carat gold, emeralds and unique red bixbite by MJ

Luxury faceted gems in a ring shape by MJ
Individual orders any size rings of all types of precious gems.

Glamorous snake-shaped ring of gold, palladium, yellow sapphires, diamonds and rubies.

Luxurious ring-shaped black cobra made of black gold and white diamonds by MJ

Convertible Ring "Changeling." On the one hand a dollar sign on the other side of the euro sign. Transformer ring by MJ
According to custom ring transformers with coats of arms, signs of the zodiac, and the initials of the other symbols.
Models Series MJ Transformer Gems encrusted different precious stones from different sides.
Inverting rings of different sizes and designs of gold, platinum, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

Luxury ring in the form of jellyfish brushed gold 24 catarrh.
Individual orders any design rings of any kind gems.
MJ Art Studio offers you to participate in creating your future jewelry masterpiece.

Exclusive Rings with manual and laser engraving, milling and carving gemstones by MJ
Individual orders but any gem can cause personal engraving.
Manual and laser engraving, milling and carving gemstones.

Gold ring inlaid with emeralds and other precious stones by MJ
Engagement rings and other accessories with inlay in the form of heart - www.wedding.mj777.com

MJ Ring in 18 carat gold, platinum and 24-carat flawless diamond square top-class F Diamond GIA

Exclusive ring with unique rarest gems by MJ
Any kind of rare precious and semiprecious stones customized.
Only handmade, cut personal and company certificates of conformity.

The rings in the form of flowers of various gems.

Luxury Ring with Milk Honey Amber and White Mat Gold by MJ
By inserting individual orders from various precious and luxurious materials
Insert into the ring made of Karelian birch, red or ebony, jet, coral, mother of pearl,
porcelain ammolite, mabe pearls, classic pearls, lava, swarovski crystal, carbon, Damascus steel,
mammoth tusk ivory, meteorite, dinosaur bones, fossils and other unique materials.

Palladium ring with diamonds VVS class characteristics 3/3
Allowable size of a diamond ring in this model from 0.5 to 4 carats.
Basis rings made of pure palladium 999 -carat, jewelry or palladium 850 -th test.
Individual orders all kinds of precious stones and metals.
Palladium Ring with Diamonds by MJ


Luxury ring with red diamonds, rubies, garnets, tourmalines, and other precious stones red by MJ
Luxury ring with red diamonds, rubies, garnets, tourmalines, and other precious stones red.
Individual orders rings of gold and platinum with precious stones of all colors.


Copyright ring with white and colorless precious and semiprecious stones by MJ.
Diamond, Pearl, Moonstone, Opal, Sapphire, Topaz, Zircon, Crystal... Unique rings customized. We struggle with cloning and standards - because everyone wants to be original and have such a decoration, which probably no one else will. Exclusive products, whether it is a gold ring for the order, or any other piece of jewelry - it is an opportunity to attract attention and stand out beautifully.


Elite rings of platinum, palladium, gold and various gemstones yellow and orange colors.
Rings with yellow stones - fancy colored yellow diamond, brilliant orange, caramel diamond, yellow sapphire, orange sapphire, padparadzha, amber, citrine, golden beryl, yellow garnet, gurmalin yellow spinel, yellow topaz, yellow trifan, London yellow, yellow zircon yellow chrysoberyl, yellow jade rings... Any model for individual orders with various precious metals, gemstones and other precious materials from the Art Studio MJ


Luxury rings made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and unique types of pearls by MJ
Exquisite and delicate pearl glow rounded shapes emphasize the beauty rings, pearl splendor that embody the essence of femininity and elegance. Rings with pearls universal - such ornaments and harmonious look in the office and in the restaurant. They always show the awesome taste of its owner, emphasize its elegance and aristocratic custom. Not casually to such jewels were so indifferent Elizabeth Taylor and Coco Chanel - and only these women understood the real luxury. Today pictured in glossy magazines shine in pearl earrings, rings and necklaces Hetteuey Anne, Eva Longoria, Milla Jovovich and Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Madonna and other stars. Chic pearl white, pink, blue, red, black, silver, gold, bronze or other shades of gold framed, surrounded by diamonds - a slight accent that completes the image of the fairy princess or queen.


Exclusive handmade rings with various precious and semiprecious gems brown and black colors.
Brown diamonds, black diamonds, fancy diamonds gray, black and brown garnets, black pearl, brown pearl, jet black, jet black, brown, amber, brown onyx, opal brown, brown rauchtopaz, brown chrysoberyl, sapphire brown, black sapphire, black opal, black onyx, black jade, black tourmaline, black spinel...
Unique rings in all shapes and sizes for individual orders from the Art Studio MJ


Luxury ring of gold and platinum with different precious stones purple by MJ
Purple - the color of philosophers and poets, the color of knowledge of the truth of existence. Purple stones is extremely small, but its brightest representatives deserve a lot of attention and admiration. Individual orders exclusive handmade ring with any kind of purple stones. Fiaktist, Fiona, Amethyst, Charoite, Aquamarine, Sapphire Violet, Purple Diamond, Purple Chalcedony.


Exclusive jewelry ring with blue precious stones by MJ
Blue aquamarine, blue diamonds, blue topaz, blue tselistiny, blue garnet,
blue sapphire, blue grandiderity, Paraiba tourmaline blue, blue Serendib,


Luxury ring with green gems and rings green semiprecious stones by MJ
Individual orders rings of gold and platinum with all kinds of precious and semiprecious stones.
Gold rings with green stones - emeralds, green demantoid, green diamonds, varistsity, green beryl, jade, malachite, chrysolite, dioptase green, green jadeite, olivine, green serpentine, green spodumene, fluorspar, chrysoprase, green garnets, sapphires, green, Cr-diopside, green tsavorite, chrysoberyl, chrysolite green, blue-green aquamarine, neon- green Paraiba, green tourmalines and other rare gems.


Individual rings. Ring created by individual customers' design.
For personal wishes, any shapes, sizes, colors, types of precious metals and stones.


Jewelry ring can be made both on your personal orders by MJ Art Studio
In the MJ presents exclusive rings and other luxury jewelry to meet all the trends of fashion jewelry. So you will not be difficult to choose a ring or any other jewelry that will meet all your requirements. If you prefer a bright individual style, you want to create your own unique image, jewelers art studio MJ on your individual order will produce exclusive rings, rings and any other jewelry with precious stones and diamonds, as well as items made of gold and platinum for corporate clients. These jewelry can be made as to your personal designs and sketches by artists and designers, MJ, or jointly create a 3D model.


Exclusive and wedding rings custom made in a single copy by MJ
Wedding rings custom made in a single copy will be your family value that you will be proud of and admire his long, happy family life. In the catalog of wedding rings from MJ You can browse wedding rings custom made for our customers. Classic and wedding rings in the catalog are made in accordance with the wishes and preferences of our customers.

Silver ring with gold encrusted with 24 carats of precious stones by MJ
Lemon yellow citrine quartz and rock crystal clear.

Ring of pure iridium circular tack diamond crystal purity by MJ

Luxurious ring as a bird of gold and precious gems by MJ

Female model ring of white 18-karat gold and inlaid with diamonds, rubies and raspberry tourmaline by MJ

Ring as a full-blown rose and platinum and diamonds by MJ

Unique Blue Amber Ring by MJ Handcrafted Edition
Catalog of exclusive products of the unique species of amber - www.amber.mj777.com

Exclusive white gold ring and a large diamond from Art Studio MJ.
Auction registered and branded diamonds from Antwerp and Amsterdam from 5 to 30 carats of the highest quality.
VIP ring only for individual orders. Many carat stones only with proprietary international certificates.

Unique design ring with exclusive tack gemstones.
Between the two rings which are mounted sapphire and bottom interconnected.
The entire perimeter of gold rings encrusted with diamonds in the butt.
Individual orders all kinds of precious metals and stones.
Unique design ring with exclusive tack gemstones by MJ


The most expensive ring in the world is made of solid diamond.
The most expensive and exclusive diamond ring, called The World's First Diamond Ring, was first presented at an exhibition in London on 14 April 2011. Its weight was about 150 carats, and cost several times higher than the price of the previous leader, and was $ 70 million. This is the first in the history of jewelery ring made from a single diamond, which also was the most expensive ring in the world. To give yourself the necessary form solid minerals, jewelers used progressive, tech equipment that allows to carry out laser cutting diamonds. The production process took a year, however, ready products surpassed all expectations enthusiastic audience.

Gold Ring with Red & White Diamonds

White gold ring, inlaid white and vivid blue diamond

Modern jewelry ring in platinum and diamonds by MJ Customize
In the center of the ring and unique 5- carat square diamond impeccable quality F - Diamond.Flawless

Individual Design model rings in white gold 585-carat diamond inlaid by MJ
Individual orders any samples of gold inlaid with precious stones any.

Diamond Ring Made of Gold 750 or Platinum 950 by MJ Art Studio
The upper and lateral surface is entirely decorated with real diamonds.

Luxurious Cosmo Ring of Brushed Matte Gold, Diamonds and Space Meteorite by MJ
Meteorite ring mounted on a special 2- contact technology that would be the most surveyed.

Platinum ring of black and colorless diamonds in the shape of stars by MJ

Unique rings. Unique design. Manual work. Individual orders by MJ
Unusual ring shape in the form of chips congested gold, palladium and blue diamonds.

Status Rings of Platinum, Black and White Diamonds
Individual orders - classical rings, designer rings, wedding bands.
Female and male models of any jewelry rings handmade by Art Studio MJ.

Exclusive Ring made of Precious Metals and Gemstones by MJ
Exclusive ring made of precious metals and gemstones.
Individual orders of any design or any precious materials.

The Modern and Stylish Ring. Simple Classic Shape Ring it is Very Fashionable and Status made of Black Brilliants by MJ
Ring of the latest alloy of gold and platinum 777- th sample. Ring is completely strewn with real black diamonds.
Individual orders can be inlaid with sapphires, rubies, emeralds and classic white diamonds.

Exclusive Gothic Rings, Satanic Rings, Rocker Rings, Biker Ring and Any Profile Theme by MJ
Rings and other accessories themed chains, earrings, brass knuckles, piercing rivets are available in gold, silver or platinum.
Also available inlaid with precious stones, valuable species of wood, leather and other exotic delights.
Style, texture, style and design may translate from any sketch, photograph or oral wishes of the client.

Handcrafted Classic Design Wedding Rings in Red Gold or Pink Gold - Customize Ring by MJ
Soviet red 585 -carat, pink gold European 750th or newest alloy rose gold 888- th sample.
Jewelry rings of any other colors and gold samples for individual orders from the jewelry house MJ and TM 888.
Individual orders engraving names, dates, wishes, the instructions given on the outside or inside of the rings.

Luxury gold rings diamonds and ruby red from MJ
Individual orders all forms and types of gemstones.

Exclusive gold wedding rings handmade by MJ
Ring model for the bride with a diamond. Ring model for the groom without stone.
Individual orders and male and female ring can be inlaid with any gold. stones.
See also catalog of gifts for wedding, valentine's day, engagement etc. - www.wedding.mj777.com

Wedding rings of gold any carats for individual orders by MJ
Classic and new carat gold - 585, 666, 750, 777, 888, 958, 999, 14 to 24 carats.
And is any sample with a personalized customer figure. Personifying the date wedding, birthday, etc.
See also catalog of accessories and gifts romantic themes - www.wedding.mj777.com

Gold Ring with Diamonds and Garnets by MJ
Individual orders all kinds of precious stones.

Ring in the Form of a Bow with Diamonds by MJ
All diamonds are ideal characteristics IF GIA classification system

Exclusive Ring with Luxury Box Handcrafted by MJ
Individual orders production of any unique gift boxes for rings and other jewelry.
Premium boxes of all sizes and shapes made of valuable wood, exotic leathers, precious metals.
It is also possible to box inlaid initials, wishes, zodiac sign or any other symbols of gold.
See also gift boxes and boxes handmade by MJ - www.box.mj777.com

Ring in the form of the head and beak crow or any other bird or animal for individual orders by MJ
Ring of black gold, amber or black or ebony or black mammoth tusk.
And also any other precious and exclusive materials of any color.

Beautiful ring made of palladium decorated with diamonds and pearls black gasoline color by MJ

Design Black Gold Ring Handcrafted by MJ

Luxury VIP Rings Made of Gold 777 & Individual Cut Diamonds by MJ

Black Gold and Black Diamond Ring - Yellow Gold Inside and Encrusted Big Blue Diamond by MJ
The inner part of the ring of pure 24- karat yellow gold, the outer part of the ring of black gold and black diamonds.
And the main stone in the center of the ring - a rare blue diamond mounted four inserts black platinum.

Gold Wedding Rings & Accessories - www.wedding.mj777.com

Luxury Rings Made of Precious Metals and Gemstones from MJ
Only Handmade. Only Exclusive Materials. Only Customize. Only Individual Order.

Futuristic Rings. Space Ring. Innovative Style. Ring Design of the Future.
Rings of metal meteorites and rare earth metals inlaid with diamonds.
Individual orders all kinds of precious stones and metals in the author's edition of MJ

Ring Changeling. Made of different colors of gold and precious metals of different kinds by MJ
Any one of the ring members may be flipped over and is part of a ring on the inner side.
White gold, yellow gold, red gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, etc.

Exclusive gift wrap & unique jewelry box for the rings by Art Studio MJ
Premium boxes of leather, wood, stone, bone, gold and platinum - www.box.mj777.com
Individual orders of any size box of ebony, mahogany, rosewood...
Exotic box crocodile, alligator, caiman, python, cobra, eel, stingray, iguana, elephant, shark, ostrich, karung...
Luxury box of ivory, mammoth ivory, saiga horns, fangs of a lion, petrified wood, dinosaur bones...
Carton boxes decorated with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other precious metals.
Carton boxes of silver, gold, platinum, palladium, and the newest precious metal alloys.

Luxury Ring Made of White Precious Metals with Large Diamonds by MJ
Recent alloys of gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, and other rare earth metals.
Large diamonds rings are chosen for individual orders at auctions worldwide.

Exclusive Handcrafted Customize Ring of Precious Metals & Gems by MJ
Exclusive rings, which are in the directory - it is only a small piece of jewelry rings and jewelry.
If you want to ring the likes of which you have never met in any catalogs jewelry companies
then MJ Art Studio will help you create a masterpiece of jewelry in a single copy.


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